HamiltonJet unveils package of skipper assistance and autonomy solutions

June 11, 2019 Albear Montocchio








HamiltonJet has unveiled its range of marine vessel skipper assistance and autonomy solutions.

The New Zealand-based waterjet and electronic control system specialist is a leader in end-to-end integration, interface simplicity and intuitive vessel control. These hallmarks underpin HamiltonJet’s assistance and autonomy solutions.

HamiltonJet CEO Ben Reed says the company has been deeply immersed in the autonomous technologies space for decades.

“We recognise autonomy means different things to different customers so at the heart of our solutions are technologies that keep crews and vessels safe, improve decision-making, increase efficiency and decision-making and future-proof investment.

“We’ve been refining our offering and now have a proven track record of working in collaboration to successfully equip a fleet of over 170 vessels with smart assistance and autonomous solutions.”

HamiltonJet’s skipper assistance and autonomous solutions include:

  • A high end Dynamic Positioning Interface (DPI) which has been deployed in oil & gas crew boats and used in dive support.
  • JETanchor enabling hands-free station keeping, virtual anchor and precision manoeuvring. When deployed on vessels with our AVX Control System it can be used (with caution) in close proximity to other vessels and fixed objects.  It uses GPS position and heading to deliver pinpoint accurate control around objects, harbours or marinas. It has been deployed on fishing vessels, military, hydrographic survey and recreational craft.
  • JETlink our autonomous and remote control interface used by military, law enforcement, fire and rescue and survey boats.
  • JETfighter an advanced interface for firefighting vessels, integrating simultaneous control of propulsion and fire-pumps. This unique technology is transforming the way vessels respond to fire emergencies by simplifying several complex tasks leaving the skipper to focus on his/her primary role.

“Importantly, the solutions we offer today are modular and scalable. They either stand alone or combine with external systems to provide even greater functionality to operators”, says Ben Reed.

“Our customers continue to find new and impressive ways to improve their productivity, optimise their operations and increase safety with our range of technology solutions.

“And with technology evolving quickly, we’re continually working on further products and solutions that will help meet their future demands.”

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