HamiltonJet partners with RIBCRAFT to power 48 US Navy RHIBs

July 1, 2020 Albear Montocchio

 HamiltonJet will again collaborate with rigid inflatable boat manufacturer RIBCRAFT to supply 48 Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) to the US Navy.

RIBCRAFT USA, LLC of Marblehead, Massachusetts, was recently awarded a 5-year contract to deliver the RIBs custom-fitted for use in Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD). The 11-metre vessels will be equipped with twin HJ292 waterjets, blue Arrow control systems, and JETanchor technology from HamiltonJet.  The contract also requires extensive spare parts and training to be delivered by HamiltonJet.

A critical component of the Expeditionary Mine Countermeasures Company, the new RIBs will support EOD mine countermeasure platoons in both shallow and deep-water operations. HamiltonJet technology was chosen due to ease of operation of blue Arrow controls, and the effectiveness of the JETanchor system for station keeping.

Under the contract, an estimated 48 11-Meter Expeditionary Mine Counter Measure Boats will be built and delivered during the five-year contract; an average of one boat per month.

HamiltonJet previously collaborated with RIBCRAFT to deliver the 5.7m RIB used as a deployable rescue boat for the US Navy LCS class.

Some of the many US Navy vessels powered by HamiltonJet include the Riverine Assault Craft, 10m RHIB, 11m RHIB, 5.7m RHIB, Combat Assault Craft, Small Operational Craft Riverine, Small Unit Riverine Craft, Patrol Boat Riverine, Mark VI Patrol Boat, Sea Ark Patrol Boat, and the 40m Patrol Boat.

HamiltonJet CEO Ben Reed says, "We have a long history of successful US Navy supply and are excited to be selected on this project. These vessels will be equipped with HamiltonJet technology which will make them easier to use and safer when conducting mine countermeasure work.”

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